Spotlight on Cutter

This will be my third ElfQuest post now.  I´m making it a kind of series, all will be under Comic Book History and the tag ElfQuest.  Like everything else these posts will be sporadic and connected but unconnected to each other at the same time.  In this post I will focus on the Wolfrider chief, Cutter.  As with Spotlight on Strongbow I will give you a brief over view of the character.  Lets (5).jpg

Forced to claim the mantle of chief at a young age, especially considering that Wolfriders could live for hundreds of years and Cutter was less than twenty.  Despite his young age Cutter was able to gain his tribe´s respect.  After a human tribe, that the Wolfriders were at odds with, burns down their forest home, Cutter leads his tribe first into the Troll tunnels and then are tricked into a desert.

However after much travel they would reach Sorrows End, where they find more elves.  It is there that he recognizes Leetah and battles for her affections against Rayek.  His two children, Suntop and Ember are born.  After realizing the threat humans were becoming Cutter set out to locate any other elves and unite them or at least allow them to know that there are others of their kind.  His dream was to one day unite all elves together, so that they could stand together.  Of course Skywise follows him on his quest, not wanting Cutter to go off alone.  And Cutter would find many more elves and it would later be his son, Suntop, later named Sunstream, who would unite them all or at least give them the option to.


Cutter and Rayek have always had a bitter relationship.  They never liked each other,  ut after Rayek had taken the palace into the future, with Leetah, Suntop, Ember, and Skywise with him Cutter waited over 500 years before entering a suspended animation in ¨wrap stuff¨.  What little trust and respect Cutter had for Rayek was gone after that.  It wasn´t until Rayek saw Cutter for the first time after arriving years into the future that he realized how much he had hurt Cutter.  Rayek lost the will to fight Cutter and allowed Cutter to beat him within an inch of his life.

download.jpgCutter has gone by many names, Blood of Ten Chiefs, Kinseeker, Shardseeker.  He found the Elvin tribes, that knew nothing of each other´s existence.  He lead his tribe of Wolfriders through good and bad.   But in the end Cutter can not let go of ¨the way¨, he can not move past what he has always known.  Unlike Strongbow he is willing to make
exceptions and change the way they think of ¨the way¨, but he is unwilling to depart the world of two moons.  He is unwilling to live for an eternity, but would rather have time take him.  He is both resistant and accepting of change, not forgetting who he is or where he came form.  For this is both his greatest flaw and greatest strength.




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